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Breastfeeding Support Services

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Please feel free to call or text at anytime.  When leaving a message, leave your name, your child's name, the name of your child's doctor and what your concern is about.  Also please let me know if I can contact you by phone and/or text.  I will get back to you no later than 24 hrs after your call.  If more urgent, please state that in your message or contact me again. 

Phone counseling: FREE

Lactation Consultation
A lactation consultation includes an in-depth history, assessment of baby's suck and oral motor skills, assessment of mom's breasts, evaluation of positioning/latch and measurement of milk transfer through pre/post feeding weighing.  A written feeding plan will be provided.
A consultation is recommended for medical issues such as: poor weight gain, hyperbilirubinemia, tongue-tie, prematurity/late preterm baby, poor milk transfer, overactive letdown, foremilk/hindmilk issues, reflux, multiples, history of breastfeeding difficulties, history of breast surgeries, or transitioning off supplements or nipple shield.  This list is not exclusive.
  A follow-up weight check is included.
In-Home consult: $150.00
In- office consult: $100.00
Follow up consults in office $50
Length of consult: approx. 1 hr

When a consult has been scheduled please take the time to access the new client health intake questions.   If you are unable to access, please contact me so appointment time can be adjusted as needed.    


Positioning & Latch Evaluation

A positioning & latch evaluation focuses on helping with technique.  This is a less formal consultation in that no physical assessment is done and a pre/post feeding weighing is not done.  An evaluation of positioning & latch may be a first step in identifying the cause of a breastfeeding issue or the only step necessary in resolving nipple trauma or latch pain. 
Offered In-Office only
Cost: $50
Length of Evaluation: approx. 1/2 hr

Please note that insurance companies do not recognize IBCLCs as billable providers, therefore payment is due at time of service**.  A receipt with appropriate ICD 10 code and diagnosis will be provided if you choose to submit a claim to your insurance.  A doctor's order will be needed as well if you file with your insurance.  Another option would be to submit the receipt to a HSA.  Payment arrangements can also be arranged if necessary.  Please do not let financial concerns keep you from getting help!

**Clients of Tosa Pediatrics will have their consultations billed to insurance by Tosa Pediatrics and no payment is due at time of service**





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