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about me

Hi, my name is Debbie Pollesch and I am the owner &  operator of Within A Mother's Arms.  Thank you for visiting my site and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any breastfeeding questions or concerns!

My professional background is that of a registered nurse and international board certified lactation consultant (RN, IBCLC).  I have been a nurse since 1994 and began working with new families as a mom/baby nurse in 1996.  I quickly realized the many struggles faced by new moms when learning to breastfeed.  Wanting to be good at my job, I furthered my education in the area of breastfeeding and became a lactation educator.  In this role, I continued as a staff nurse but also taught breastfeeding and childbirth classes as well as filled in for the lactation consultants in the hospital.  I continued to develop a passion for breastfeeding and became certified by the International Lactation Consultants Association.  I left the hospital setting in 2007 to pursue growing my business as a private lactation consultant after starting Within A Mother's Arms in 2005. 

Personally, I am happily married for going on 23 years and have 4 children currently ranging in age from 20 to 12.  I was born and raised in the Wauwatosa/Milwaukee area.  My personal philosophy on breastfeeding is ~ some is better than none.  Breastfeeding is personal and individual. Enforcing some preconceived ideas on what ideal breastfeeding should look like, on every mom, usually does not work.  I love helping moms succeed in their breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be, because it empowers the new mom.  The feeling of achievement carries on for years as the birthing experience stays with women for life.  I am here to help and support you, not to promote my own agenda.  I consider it a blessing and privilege to be part of this time in a family's life. 

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